Denon is a Japanese electronics company, originally established in 1910 as part of “Nippon Chikuonki Shokai" (Japan Recorders Corporation), a manufacturer of single-sided records and gramophones.  It was involved in the early stages of digital audio technology development, and has been at the forefront of manufacturing high-fidelity professional and consumer audio equipment ever since.

Many decades of exhaustive engineering research and development are a part of every component.  Denon’s design team concerns itself not only with specifications and frequencies, but takes into account ease of command and control, aesthetics, and the environmental variables of the products’ intended use.  Advanced manufacturing facilities ensure that Denon electronics satisfy a diverse field of entertainment needs with impeccable craftsmanship and top-shelf performance.  There is a ‘commonality of quality’ throughout any given product range – from the entry level A/V receiver to the flagship model that requires a small fork lift to move – functionality may be different, but the level of excellence is constant.  Unlike other brands of equipment where you ‘get what you pay for’ in reference to quality, you pay for the features and benefits that you need with Denon instead.

Today, the company specializes primarily in professional and consumer home theater and audio equipment including A/V receivers, amplifiers, streaming media components, Blu-ray players, tuners, home theater systems, multi-room audio, headphones, and wireless music systems. Denon is synonymous for ‘high-end AV Receivers’, bringing a level of cinematic realism into your home without equal.  Addressing every need, budget and level of home entertainment, their product lines employ the most powerful technology available today with convenience and ease of operation to suite every client.

Part of our focus at Bravas is on providing you with a superb entertainment experience in your home.  Denon equipment makes this vision easy to attain.  Instead of having to determine what level of quality would best fit your budget, we can instead busy ourselves with what the hardware needs to accomplish – Denon has already taken care of the first part.  Ranging from the simplest 5.1 channel system for your living room, to the most impressive 9 channel ‘Movie Theater in your house’ – or from a simple digital desktop stereo to a whole-house, multi-zone wireless system – we have what you need at Bravas.  We are passionate about what we do, the equipment that can make entertainment happen, and the people that give our business a reason to exist!

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