Today’s business and corporate conference needs have migrated squarely into the technology sector; the days of dry-erase boards and portable tape recorders are long gone. Various elements must work together seamlessly for a conference venue to support the presentation and exchange of information, including but not limited to communications, lighting, audio/video equipment and computers.  One must consider the size and layout of the facility, access to required utilities such as power and internet, the infrastructure prerequisites related to digital display capabilities, essential networking for communications and dissemination of information,  and the relationship between what you intend to present and the environment within which it will be done.

The true hallmark of a well designed conference room is intuitive, easy operation of all the technologies at hand.  It is inefficient for attendees to go on break while the presenter figures out why the spreadsheet is not scaled correctly to the display, or to engage in a search for the elusive VGA-to-HDMI converter to connect a guest speaker’s laptop to the system.  With projectors and HD display devices, control of ambient lighting can be crucial, so window treatment and lighting control play as much of a role as proper wiring or electronic equipment.  When the lights dim and the shades lower automatically once you press the ‘play’ button, a new level of credibility is established for all involved.

Do you need robust bandwidth for web conferencing?  Do you want to import and display documents and data from the web or an internal network?  Do you have the capacity to record your meeting for offline access or future training purposes?  How many displays do you require, and where should they be to maximize the use of your space?  Our extensive experience with all manner of audio/video and computing technologies makes us the best choice to provide exactly what you need, ensure that everything works exactly as designed, and future-proof the installation to accommodate evolving technologies as they emerge.

We design and install easy to use audio/video conferencing systems, smart-board presentation systems, and specialized presentation podiums.  From LEDs, LCDs, plasmas and projectors with screens to amplifiers, speakers, video cameras and more, your conference depends on having the right gear in the right place, with the expertise to make your conference room a destination without equal.  With access to a tremendous array of resources, Bravas can design an efficient, interactive space for all your conference and meeting needs!

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