Founded in 1976 by Edward Haase, Ken Humphreys and Eugene Humphreys, SpeakerCraft started out as a small retail stereo store and original equipment manufacturer of loudspeaker components for Sonance, Niles Audio, JBL and many others. The company eventually evolved into the design and installation of custom audio systems, and developed a series of architectural speakers that use the structure within the walls as the “cabinet.” This came about at the request of Fleetwood Enterprises of California, which wanted to incorporate high-end speakers into its motor homes with the most efficient use of the space available.

Today, SpeakerCraft provides the entire range of playback products, including speakers, amplifiers and control systems, and is credited with many of the early developments in architectural speaker design. No longer confined to the room in which your stereo system dwells – you can enjoy your favorite music, news or talk-radio in every room of your home.

SpeakerCraft’s MRA-664 is a whole-home audio controller that delivers up to six unique music sources for distribution to every room of the house. This component is the first to integrate multi-room audio and home theater control in a seamless, easy to configure operation, and can be paired with a second MRA to create a 12-zone system.  Additionally, all zones are equipped with fixed or variable pre-outs, making it simple to add power amplification in areas that may require more robust output capability, such as outdoor decks or larger rooms.

In-wall, in-ceiling and box speakers from the entry level Profile to the flagship AIM Cinema Five are installed around the world by clients that demand architectural speakers with greater fidelity and higher sound pressure levels than ever before. Outdoor environments are just as important as those we carefully design and enjoy inside of our homes. SpeakerCraft offers a wide variety of dedicated outdoor loudspeakers, including the Boomtomb in-ground subwoofer. Great entertainment does not just happen above ground any more!

Bravas offers cutting-edge technology from SpeakerCraft which provides total control of your music and movies at the touch of a button, and can fill your home and outdoor spaces with beautiful sound. Covered by a lifetime warranty, discreet and virtually invisible speakers in the ceilings and walls never sounded this good.  Stop in to see how we can change the way you listen to music, without occupying any of the space in which you do so!

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