It takes just one trip to any A/V retailer to be confronted with an assortment of televisions not for the feint of heart. Large and small, thin and thinner, LED and LCD, reasonably priced units and those that are out of reach for many; each one boasting some technology or feature that makes it better than all the others. How should a consumer decide what is is best for them, other than by means of a premeditated budget and a purchase that comes closest to that figure?  Well, the staff at Bravas believes that since the primary function of any display is to view video content,  the one that ‘looks’ the best to you warrants further consideration. We are also confident that the display which catches your eye is likely to be a Samsung product!

For over 70 years, Samsung Electronics has been dedicated to producing advanced technologies, and leads the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media. Through innovative, reliable products, Samsung delivers the most immersive viewing experience possible. One example is their new SUHD television technology - the smartest, brightest, and most colorful TVs Samsung has ever made. With greater performance, their new Nano Crystal Technology, and more features than most other TVs on the market, the spectrum of colors these applied sciences produce surpass what has been the industry standard for over 20 years.

Samsung's SUHD TVs with Nano Crystal Technology are able to deliver up to 64 times the color spectrum that conventional HD TVs do, meaning you get to see content just as the movie director intended. With the highest color purity and light efficiency, images appear vivid and true to life on screen. Apps, movies, and shows you love are a touch of a button away with instant access to 4K content, and sharing between your TV and mobile device has become an intuitive extension of the functionality inherent in these amazing products. Even lower-resolution media looks incredible on-screen, as the very nature of the video display and processing technology breathes new life into virtually anything you can connect to the set.

Bravas offers cutting-edge display technology from Samsung which will change the way you enjoy your home theater television! With a wide selection of models, sizes and price points, we can find the best fit for your needs – one that will satisfy the expectations of both the casual viewer and the devoted videophile!

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