As part of our diverse resumé of consumer electronics products, Bravas is proud to offer Sonos multi-room audio technology – an advanced system of wireless high fidelity speakers and audio components that connect to various streaming media sources on the Internet as well as music storage devices throughout your home. Built to integrate with mobile, tablet and desktop hardware, the app-driven Sonos system allows you to access a virtually endless repertoire of music and distribute it easily and efficiently throughout your home.

Multi-room audio technology is available in many flavors. From elaborate, multi-zone controllers and multi-channel amplifiers, to basic numeric keypads or advanced touch-screen LCDs – these distribution systems can be complex to install and are often quite expensive. Such systems typically require extensive wiring within your walls, so installation must occur while the home is under construction. Since Sonos creates a dedicated peer-to-peer network through wireless or Ethernet connections to your Internet router, absolutely every home can take full advantage of Sonos wireless music distribution. This network is known as SonosNet, and allows for the exchange of digital audio to any of up to 32 Sonos devices on that network. No need for miles of wiring in your walls here!  

Many of us still do listen to CDs, along with free or subscription-based music services.  With this in mind, audio from analog sources can be input to the system using the RCA stereo input terminals, and shared amongst all the connected Sonos components in your home. Bridging the gaps between the old and the new, between the wired and the wireless, Sonos has revolutionized the world of music distribution since its foundation in 2002.

Starting with one Sonos component is all it takes. We are certain that once you experience the ease of use and power to control your music, you will soon be expanding to cover your entire home. As our favorite Jedi Master once said, “Size matters not” - even the largest homes do not hinder music delivery, as Sonos signal bridges can easily extend the coverage of the Sonos network.

Our knowledgeable staff at Bravas can design and set up a Sonos system which will change the way you listen to music throughout your home. Stop in to see why Sonos is the first name in wireless Hi-Fi home audio today!

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