In May of 1942, Daiwa Kogyo Ltd. was established in Nagano, Japan. Beginning with technologies involved in the design and manufacturing of watches, their expertise matured along side the development of new products such as the EP-101 – the world's first compact, lightweight digital printer, which was released in 1968. This groundbreaking new product revolutionized the consumer electronics market and continued to evolve into many of the printing technologies that are in use today. Every digital image and document you print in part owes some thanks to the innovations born in these early years of progress.

After its official name change to Epson Corporation in 1982, this company has evolved into the best selling projector manufacturer in the world. Epson's projectors have remarkable image quality, excellent reliability and a low total cost of ownership. Epson quickly became a global player and has continued to introduce high quality electronics to the world ever since.

If you wish to experience rich cinematic adventures at home, Epson home theater projectors deliver. Suitable for movies, video games or television viewing, every image is sure to amaze you with state-of-the-art quality and innovative projector features.  Starting with their affordable, high-quality home theater and gaming projectors that have HDMI connectivity, large scale video formats can now be employed in almost any home entertainment system. High-end, High Definition home cinema projectors for professionally-installed, dedicated home theater systems are also an option for consumers that want the very best.

For a big-screen experience that needs to be mobile, Epson’s Portable Cinema products offer bright, portable home theater projectors that are great for movies, TV and video games and include speakers, HDMI and other advanced features. You will be able to enjoy movies, video games or any other media anywhere you want a big screen format, such as outdoor movie nights, camping, public events, celebrations and more.

Bravas can help you select just the right Epson projector model for your specific needs. We design and set up cinema systems of every possible type on a daily basis, so our staff and installers are well versed in the options and requirements for any application. You will not need a second mortgage to bring the grandeur of a movie theater into your home either! Stop in to see why Epson is the first name in home theater entertainment today.

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