There are some companies that develop and manufacture a variety of technologies, addressing a broad cross-section of a given market. Many of these industry icons do quite well at maintaining quality throughout their product offerings, while others must inevitably cut corners somewhere to meet consumer expectations in both volume and selection. In order to be truly exceptional, one can argue that a narrow but precise focus is required – one in which all energies and resources are brought to bear in perfecting a specific process or product. Lutron is not a “jack of all trades,” but it is certainly the master of one.

Lighting control is an automated network of hardware used to manage commercial or residential electric lights. It may be an independent system, or part of a greater control architecture performing a multitude of tasks, and is widely used in both homes and businesses today. Lutron produces the most capable lighting control technologies in the world. In 1959, Lutron's founder and owner Joel Spira introduced the world's first solid state light dimming switch based on a diode and a tapped autotransformer, saving energy and allowing the dimmer to be installed in a standard electrical wall box. Previous iterations of such devices were large, inefficient, and potentially dangerous. Compact and affordable, this new switch was an immediate success, and Lutron became a company poised for greatness. Today Lutron offers over 15,000 products, both wired and wireless, and can light up your home or illuminate the Empire State Building.

Many benefits stem from the ability to control your lights. Energy expenses are reduced by use of more efficient lighting. Convenience is enhanced with lights that can be programmed into ‘scenes’ based on occupancy or other triggering mechanisms like motion sensors or security systems. Lutron has expanded beyond its core products into natural lighting control in the form of advanced motorized shades. Environmental sensors can also operate in tandem with window shade technology to control and integrate both daylight and electric light.

Bravas can help you design a Lutron solution for your specific needs. Room lighting and whole house lighting can be controlled using a single wall switch or remotely using your smart phone or tablet. Appliances and other devices that are plugged into Lutron outlets can also be controlled in the same way. Orchestrate the world of light to your liking with a professionally installed system from Bravas today!

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