When it comes to large format video projection technology, not all products are created equal. There exist massive variances in build quality, performance, features, reliability and cost. Many of these are designed to be scaled to specific applications or end users. For example, a college classroom may require a simple, low cost projector for displaying course material, whereas a medical research facility might need one with the highest possible resolution for detailed analysis of experimental data. Commercial entertainment typically calls for a colossal image and prolonged use, while the focus of residential home cinema generally involves connectivity and performance attributes. Determining the best fit for a particular endeavor requires knowledge and experience, as well as a product that can deliver exactly what is called for.

Digital Projection International (DPI) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a comprehensive line of ultra high-performance 3-chip and single-chip DLP (Digital Light Processing) projection systems. A leader in the video imaging arena, their products have become a reference standard utilized by venues across the globe, and one by which many others are judged. Regardless of how demanding the operation or how exacting the execution must be, DPI has every prerequisite covered. Such are the reasons for their lofty status and continuing regard in all matters of video projection.

Some people may be price-conscious, others may be performance-conscious, but everyone is quality-conscious. It is for this reason that Bravas creates customized solutions for each of our clients, all with one common denominator – quality. With DPI as one cog in our wheel of excellence, our clients have countless options when seeking to bring a spectacular cinematic experience into their home. We design and install systems that take full advantage of current technology, creating an entertainment environment that will amaze and satisfy for years to come. Stop in to see what you’ve been missing!

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