Home theater is a broad term defining cinematic entertainment in the home, and has a wide range of capabilities and performance levels. A video display, regardless of type or size, provides the visual aspect of the experience, while the remaining adventure is undertaken in large part by the audio equipment. Imagine going to a movie theater and having the sound come from one pair of tiny speakers near the screen; it would be disappointing, to say the least. Yet homes without a proper theater system provide just that – small, 2-dimensional sound, hardly justifiable relative to the cost of a 60” flat panel television.

The A/V Receiver and the speakers you choose will ultimately quantify your immersion and overall satisfaction with the system. Once you have selected the area in which your home theater will operate, you must determine optimal locations for the speakers. This, in turn, will help you decide on the type of speakers, such as in-ceiling, in-wall, bookshelf, free standing or some combination thereof. These are simple determinations to make, and are generally based on structural details or aesthetic considerations of the space. Our experience in the technical minutiae of each speaker’s placement, including installation angles, elevations and distances from the listener, is where the science begins – and is one of the reasons why Bravas configures some of the most impressive home cinemas in the region.

Every homeowner has different expectations of their theater setup. Some like it loud, while others place greater value on acoustic specifications. What “sounds great” is a truly subjective opinion, but everyone agrees that the experience must “move” you in some way. We invite you to share your objectives with us, audition what Bravas offers, and together arrive at a suitable entertainment package that will leave you wondering how you could ever have listened to movies through your television speakers before!

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