With countless loudspeaker brands and even greater, incalculable variances in features and technologies within them, there are still only several primary categories into which all speakers will inevitably fall. This would consist of in-wall, in-ceiling and external, enclosure-based product. Architectural speakers such as those designed to mount into walls or ceilings will be similar to each other in many ways, yet manifest certain design differences based on their orientation and intended function. Speakers enclosed in cabinets offer alternate benefits, depending again on the application for which they are to be used. Let us look at some of the most notable choices that must be made within each type.

Since the birth of high fidelity audio in the 1950s, freestanding speakers have been the mainstay of music reproduction. Their advantages include availability in many sizes - from ultra-compact cubes to bookshelf models to the floor-standing towers limited only by budget. Styles and finishes range from plain, black vinyl enclosures to unique cabinets with furniture-grade woods or highly polished lacquers. They may be selected to physically fit in a particular space or complement décor, and can be specifically positioned to optimize sound quality. But they do take up space – sometimes more than what a homeowner would consider acceptable.

Architectural speakers mount flush into your walls or ceiling. They are perfect for smaller rooms, areas that are not conducive to physical speaker placement or for people who simply do not wish to see speakers in their environment. With adjustable driver elements and active equalization, they can be made to perform well for home theater and multi-room audio applications alike. But they do require installation, and once in place, they cannot be easily moved. Proper planning is essential before cutting holes in the drywall.

Bravas offers every type, style and performance level of loudspeaker and our expertise facilitates selection of the best solution for any requirement. Stop in to audition great sound for your space today!

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