Whole-House Audio, also commonly referred to as Distributed Audio, is a solution which allows for music to be delivered to multiple rooms in a home or business, often allowing for different sources to be selected in certain areas and typically controlled from a single location or device. This technology has evolved considerably over time, and in keeping pace with innovations in consumer electronics, has resulted it an abundant number of choices in the genre.

In the early days of residential music delivery, it was not uncommon to see similar transistor radio sets in multiple rooms, all tuned to the same station. One could move from room to room with a minimal interruption in the listening experience. As home audio began to develop into a mainstream capability, we saw amplifiers, source components and speakers that could be interconnected and made to operate in more complex arrangements. These formative years of distributed audio saw technology that could power multiple sets of speakers, switching devices that allowed you to select which speakers would be turned on or off, and even remote controls that could work through walls! Today, we enjoy command and control of virtually any type of entertainment from our smartphones or tablet computers; we have certainly come a long way from the tabletop radio! 

Bravas offers completely wireless multi-room audio solutions, as well as those that are wired through the walls of your home. Functionality will vary depending on the type of equipment deployed, including HD video switching, integration with home automation and outdoor zoning. Quality is a paramount directive in any system we design. Ultimately, the decision to go wired or wireless rests with the environment into which the gear is going, the feasibility of installation and the distribution requirements of the user. Let our team assess your needs and provide you with the options that fit your needs best.

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