Home Automation can be as simple as installing basic light management or as sophisticated as setting up complex computer / controller based networks with varying degrees of capability for controlling your entire home. The intent is to simplify your life and help you live comfortably by automating everyday tasks and giving you remote access to your home when you're away. The popularity of home automation has been increasing greatly in recent years due to enhanced affordability and simplicity through smartphone and app-driven connectivity.
Bravas’s métier already includes home theater, audio distribution, security and lighting control, so for us to bring these technologies together into a singular, intelligent and automated operating system was a natural evolution of our business model.
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems often include temperature and humidity control, including fresh air heating and natural cooling. An Internet-controlled thermostat allows the homeowner to control the building's heating and air conditioning systems remotely, and to activate various pre-determined sets of parameters based on lifestyle and environmental conditions.
Lighting control systems are used to control commercial or residential electric lights.  These can be programmed to a time cycle, arranged to automatically turn on or off based on occupancy, or activated via complex user-determined ‘scenes’ as desired. Lamps and room lighting can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or even over the Internet for brightness or color when different light levels are required. Natural lighting can be used to automatically control window shades, blinds and draperies to make best use of natural light.
Home theater, audio / video switching and music distribution can also be integrated with smart home designs at virtually any level.  A basic scene could involve pre-selected background music playing while dinner is served at the touch of your smartphone. Music and video sources can be linked with lighting and blinds to provide mood settings, since all of these variable contribute to the ‘atmosphere’ we desire in our day to day lives. The fun really begins when you walk into your theater room and the lights dim automatically, the projection screen drops quietly out of the ceiling, and the main feature cues up as your get comfortable! 
These are some of the features that Bravas can provide for your home and your family.  Instead of concerning yourself with which modules will do what, just tell us what you want your home to be capable of – we do the rest.  We excel at taking the complexity out of home automation, and pride ourselves on the end-user’s ultimate satisfaction with the solutions we provide!


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