The home automation market offers nearly as many choices of equipment and capabilities as a grocery store does in terms of food. A common mistake is to set yourself up with a pre-conceived notion of what you should have. The Smiths can make all their lights turn on from their phone, and the Johnsons literally talk to their house to make things happen. Their friends have a system that can adjust lighting based on the time of day, and these friends cousin can control their heating and air conditioning while on vacation in Florida. That is all fantastic, but would be akin to going to that grocery store without a list, then trying to piece together a recipe based on what you’ve sampled at a number of different dinner occasions.


Begin with a clean slate. Forget what the Smiths and the Johnsons have. Take stock of what you want to have happen in your home, and how exactly you want it to happen. These are referred to as ‘triggers’, and there are many to choose from. Do you want certain processes to be initiated with a manual switch, a certain time of the day, environmental variables such as ambient light or temperature, sensors such as those that detect occupancy or intrusion, voice commands, remote access as your would have with your smartphone, or other conditional values?


Once you have an idea of how you want things to happen, you must determine what is to happen. Your doorbell is pressed and you receive a notification on your smartphone while at the office. Your bedroom blinds elevate automatically at a certain time of the morning, or lower when the setting sun is beaming into your room. When you start up your home theater, the lights in the room dim to a predetermined level, and return to normal once the feature is concluded. The possibilities are virtually endless, so defining these variables is critical in making a sound choice in the equipment you purchase,


Bravas can walk through this process with you. We know which questions to ask, and we have the answers to any that you may have. Together, we can make home automation an integral part of your home life while providing maximum convenience and benefit to the users.

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