Illuminating your commercial property at night can be both complex and expensive. Businesses generally always have their assets lit up during non-daylight hours. Some stay on throughout the night, while others are turned off at the close of business. Outdoor illumination can be quite expensive, both in terms of the hardware and the utility bills. Increasingly, halogen, incandescent, florescent and neon lighting are making way for LEDs, which bring with them tremendous advantages over all other types of lighting.


One of the most significant differences is energy efficiency. LEDs can be up to 90% more efficient than incandescent, with a variable scale of energy savings applying over all other lighting types as well. They are rated to last approximately 10 years – that is with them being on 100% of the time! With reduced maintenance, replacement and far lower power consumption, these two variables alone translate into great saving over time. Improved safety is always a welcomed feature, as LEDs do not generate much heat, keeping fire hazards to a minimum.


The aesthetic value of LED lighting is not to be overlooked. With the ability to change colors, patterns and speeds, you can customize the visual impact for different holidays, special events, or even just different days of the week. Accent entryways, exits and walkways for improved safety and more convenient navigation. Stand out from the mundane – don’t be the business that uses a single 20 year old spotlight aimed at the building!


Bravas installs permanent outdoor LED lighting systems by Channel Brite, housed in aluminum raceways that are easy to install and built to last a lifetime. Virtually unnoticeable when not turned on, their amazing impact becomes evident with the press of a button. Give us a call to spec out a complete lighting solution for your business today!

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