Most home automation systems provide the option for enabling or adding lighting control, which happens to be among the most popular features of such systems. Automating your lighting brings many benefits to your home and your lifestyle, enhancing convenience, adding comfort and reducing your energy expenses.  


Dimming your lights saves energy

While many of us associate dimming with incandescence lights, all light sources can be dimmed – including halogen, compact fluorescent and LED. When lights are dimmed, they use less energy relative to the type of light and the level of dimming. This has far reaching benefits for the environment and your pocket book.


‘Smart’ lighting saves money

Having a light turn on when a certain condition ‘triggers’ it to do so is simply a better way to manage your lighting. Oops – how many of us have forgotten to shut a light off in an empty room, only to remember hours later?  With automated lighting, room occupancy can be one of the ‘triggering’ mechanisms that engages or disengages the lights; you walk into a room, the lights turn on – you walk out, and the lights turn off after a predetermined duration.


Automated lights enhance your life

Adjusting light levels for specific entertainment endeavors, to enhance ambiance or set a mood go hand-in-hand with how we live our lives. Instead of flipping on the lights in your bedroom when you wake up only to be blinded by a hundred watts of undesired brightness, imagine the lights gradually growing in illumination while your eyes adjust. Lighting “scenes” such as this are limited only by how you want them to work.


Bulb life expectancy is increased

Tired of replacing light bulbs all the time? With automated lighting control dimmers, bulbs of all types run cooler and last longer. You save money on buying replacements, and you save money with lower energy bills.


Lighting control augments security

When you leave on vacation, your home will retain a “lived-in” look with lighting automation. Lights will turn on and off at random – you can even have your television turn and off – all contributing to the notion that your home is occupied. The same system can also turn on all of the lights in your home should your alarm detect any type of intrusion.


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