It is finally starting to get a bit nicer outside, despite the fact that it seems to be taking longer than most would like, so many people are itching to shed the winter blues and start enjoying spring weather. Outdoor activities such as backyard barbeques, picnics with the kids, friends and family hanging out on your deck – all of these become possible once winter is truly gone.


It is an established fact that most people enjoy music, and it’s pretty safe to say that many of them enjoy being outdoors when the weather is nice. So being able to listen to music outdoors is a logical continuation of these notions. Fortunately, outdoor audio equipment has come a long way from the days of pointing your indoor loudspeaker out of an open window. Outdoor speakers can be added to various areas outside of your home, extending your entertainment space onto decks, patios, pool areas and back yards.


All-weather speakers are typically installed on the exterior walls of any structure, under eaves or on deck railings. Some, like the Sonance Landscape Series (SLS), are designed to blend seamlessly into your garden or landscaping. Providing unparalleled sound quality throughout any sized area, the SLS system consists of small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers that are hidden completely out of sight. Expansion is also very easy, and is accomplished by adding wire and additional speakers as necessary. Despite being completely discreet, it is regarded by many as the world’s best sounding outdoor audio system.


The installation experts at Bravas are highly skilled craftsmen that can run wiring from your central audio control location to any number of outdoor zones, allowing you to deliver powerful, audiophile grade music outside of your home. Depending on the audio equipment, your can listen to the same media throughout the interior and exterior of your home, or select something different for certain areas as you wish. The Super Bowl party no longer needs to be confined to your living room – pipe the big game outside and may the best team win! The ‘backyard picnic’ takes on a whole new meaning when you add the audio of your choice to the equation. It will redefine your enjoyment of various outdoor activities and add value to your property at the same time. Give us a call today to see how our integrated outdoor audio solutions can enhance your lifestyle. 

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