Modern conference rooms are much more than a room with tables and chairs these days. Companies are digitally connected with their employees, who are subsequently connected to the world at large. The exchange of information is crucial to much of what we do today, and there is no better place to set that precedent than at the corporate functions that educate and acclimate people to these technologies.


Large screen displays, configured in an array that creates a video wall, or placed individually in select locations, provide participants with unprecedented visual access to program material. The days of the slide or overhead projector are pretty much gone. Fully immersive digital media married with computing technology facilitate a learning environment that keeps pace with business and market needs.


High definition cameras open the door for video conferencing and archiving meeting content in its entirety. Should attendees need to reference any particular portion of the event, it’s a mouse-click away. It appears as though the days of trying to write as fast as the presenter is speaking are also in eclipse.


Digital Matrix Switching and Signal Management equipment is typically the “engine” of a well-appointed conference room. Efficient management of source selection, switching, distribution and display requires capable hardware. Signal integrity must be maintained for the ‘digital handshake’ that allows communication between various protocols to work as advertised.


Signal distribution and cabling is as important as the equipment itself. Without it, you would have some really neat looking paperweights that did nothing. HDMI, HDCP, DVI and RGB may just be acronyms to some, but the infrastructure has to be designed with them all in mind, allowing various components to ‘play well’ with each other.


Audio complements video, whether during a blockbuster movie in your home theater, or at a business conference at the office. Power amplifiers, volume controls, signal processors and loudspeakers are part of the experience as a whole.


Desktop computers, laptops and tablets are truly the core of nearly every aspect of the business world. They are the catalyst of progress and the common denominator that spans every industry and its consumers. Without them, conference rooms would be nothing more than a space with tables and chairs.


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