An effective home security system is composed of several elements, including a professionally monitored or self monitored security system. This will typically include various intrusion sensors on your doors and windows, motion sensors, glass break sensors, and life safety devices such as smoke and CO2 detectors.  They can either be hardwired or wireless, or a combination of the two.  Another vital component is the video camera.  In order to document any unexpected event that may happen in your home, you will need home security cameras that can see and capture what is transpiring.


Such cameras can either be hardwired or wireless, and within said categories, there are various performance parameters to choose from. For starters, the locations and desired coverage areas may dictate whether the camera in an indoor or outdoor model.  Furthermore, cameras will offer different resolutions, fields of view, night time viewing capabilities and connectivity options. Some units connect to DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders) which can record and store video information locally, while others are IP-based, meaning they can stream data to online storage or viewing devices. With all of these choices available to the consumer, choosing the best home security cameras for your specific application can be a rather complicated process.  The staff at Bravas Home Systems can help in selecting the right security apparatus for your home or business, and also install everything to ensure that you have a fully functional security system at the end of the process.


Our expertise in the security market facilitates finding the best home security cameras for your home surveillance needs. Some of the things to consider include the size of your property, where such units are to be installed and what your exact requirements are. You will also need to consider the compatibility of your cameras with your home security system as well as whether there will be any integration with other networks, including home automation or video distribution architecture for local or remote viewing capacity.

Honeywell Security, DSC Security and Digital Watchdog Security are a few of the brands that we offer Having a home security system not only increases your overall safety, but benefits you over time through lowered insurance ratesIt is a fact that your home is less likely to suffer from successful intrusion with a security system deployed, and the value of your home is likely to increase as a result.


Unfortunately, in today’s world one cannot throw caution to the wind.  Stay connected to your home with a video surveillance and security from BravasView live or recorded footage from anywhere with viable internet access, even get notifications sent to your smartphone if an event is triggered. Peace of mind is something to cherish, and you will never have to worry about the vulnerability of your home with our comprehensive offerings in this technology domain.

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