So you have an amazing home theater receiver, sources and speaker system – is there anything else left to set up? The screen on which all of the awesomeness you watch will be displayed, of course!


Let’s face it, when you go to a movie theater, the size of the screen is where the bragging rights apply. Larger than life, completely immersive, an experience that makes your senses come alive. Yes, the latest installment of Star Wars would still be a great movie on a 32” TV, but nothing compares to seeing this galactic drama unfold on a massive IMAX screen! The audio and the video come together to deliver a stunning performance, and many of us would like to have something like this in our homes. Fortunately, today’s consumer electronics products can deliver a similar solution into your home.


Obviously, most of us can’t generally fit a 120 foot screen in our living room – but we don’t really need to. Size and distance are relative variables, to some extent. When you’re sitting 50 feet away from a massive screen in a movie theater, there is a similar perception of scale as when you’re 15 feet away from a fairly large front projection screen in your living room. If you’re serious about home theater, the rule of thumb is to get as large of a display as you can, considering your budget, room parameters and supporting equipment. Depending on these variables, shoot for a 60”+ large screen LCD or LED panel, or go bigger if you can – into a front projection system.


With a small screen display, your peripheral vision takes in the ambient household surroundings – wall decorations, bookshelves, furniture and so on. With a large screen, the focal point IS the cinematic content, and little else. Much like in a movie theater, there is little other distraction and you can, therefore, become more absorbed in the film as a result.


With fantastic home theater screens from companies such as Stewart Filmscreen, Bravas is able to design and install a true theater experience in your home. With the highest quality and utmost attention to detail, a large-screen experience will transform the way you watch movies, the way you play video games and even the way you watch regular television programming.

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