Modern tech has come a long way, and Bravas is here to help you create an up-to-date home theater capable of capturing the imagination, rewiring the typical household and expanding your living area’s excitement. Whether you’re creating a viewing room or a full-fledged household theater, there’s a few things you should know about home theater creation before you begin. Today, your household benefits from a variety of options, and you can outfit your living area with the options below to create an unforgettable experience:


Option One: A Whole-Home AV System


The modern home theater system doesn’t end in the theater. Imagine a nice, comfortable day where you can pause a movie, cross the house and resume it in your bedroom. Whole-home AV systems have become incredibly popular, and they’re powered by DVD players, satellite TV and Internet to provide a full experience. Once you’ve establishes a centralized location, you can enjoy the convenience of viewing in every room.


Option Two: A Projector


In 2016, trendy homeowners are installing projectors to maximize viewing potential without experiencing a television’s wear and tear. Today’s HD projectors are impressive, and you can find a 1080p projector capable of expanding pictures across an entire wall. Light, affordable and adaptable, a home theater projector is a must-have for any trendy homeowner.


Option Three: Wireless Speakers


In the home base, your home theater will need to be powered by wireless technology. Wires can’t be a factor when considering acoustics, and the world’s leading home entertainment professionals have reworked the typical home theater design with wireless speaker options. Select a product with a wireless audio transmitter, and maximize your surround sound options by utilizing USB and Bluetooth technology.


Option Four: Smartphone Control


Gone are the days of multiple remotes, clunky receivers and bulky designs. Now, you can communicate with a multitude of devices via smartphone. Originally created by home automation providers, smartphone-powered remote control has become invaluable in the home theater world. By installing a single mobile app, you can control your house’s centralized equipment. Control audio, rewind films, set up viewing times and even browse upcoming shows with a single tap.


In most cases, your home theater will benefit from creativity. Once you’ve fortified the comfort zone, perfected the acoustics and have created a functional, intuitive environment, focus on “decking out” your living area to accommodate for comfort. Don’t hold up on the expansive theater seating, and consider a snack bar for hungry patrons. It’s your home theater, and it should always reflect your home’s expressive side.

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