An outdoor audio system is the perfect addition to an entertainment area -- but some homeowners may be concerned about the security of their system. Audio and video systems setup outside can potentially be the victim of either theft or the elements. This makes professional installation critical. Professional entertainment system installers are able to improve upon the security of outdoor areas in a variety of ways. 

Solar and Exterior Lighting

The more brightly lit an exterior is a                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        t night, the less likely theft is to occur. Solar lighting can be used throughout a backyard to provide illumination without additional monthly expense. Because the light runs on a solar battery, it also doesn't have any wiring that has to be run to the main house. Solar lights are triggered by nightfall, so they automatically turn on when it's dark.

Cable Locks and Tethers

Professional installers will often "lock" cables to a secure area with a padlock, in addition to installing tethers to equipment itself. Most theft is a crime of opportunity; if a criminal can walk into your backyard and quickly take something, they will. The more complicated a mechanism is to unhook or take down, the more likely a criminal is to simply leave.

Home Surveillance Systems

Noticeable cameras are one of the largest deterrents to theft when it comes to crime. A modern home surveillance system can incorporate "smart" features and motion detectors, automatically alerting homeowners if there are potential break-ins occurring in their yard. In the event that a crime does occur, cameras can also be used as evidence to catch the culprits.

Deterrent Landscaping

Homeowners can use 'deterrent landscaping' to make their homes seem like an unattractive target. This can include particularly thorny bushes, spikes on the top of fences, and other additions that are meant to make your yard more difficult to break into. As with cable locks and tethers, the goal is to make your property seem more inconvenient to potential thieves.

Gates and Enclosures

Finally, another way to protect an exterior entertainment system is to create gates and enclosures surrounding the entertainment system. Many homeowners create a bar area in their backyard that can be locked and secured when not in use -- this protects any of the electronics and equipment inside of the enclosure.

Though security is a concern when installing outdoor entertainment systems, there are many ways to address the issue to protect your investment. At Bravas, we are able to provide premium equipment that is as high quality as it is well-protected.

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