Whether you've had a rash of break-ins in your neighborhood or you just want to boost your personal security, a home surveillance system is an excellent option. But exactly how much surveillance is too much? When placing surveillance around your home, you often need to consider your neighbors as well. There are a few issues that you could potentially run into when developing a security system that could impact other houses. 

Exterior Lighting Systems

One of the easiest ways to deter criminals is to add lighting to the exterior of your home. But light pollution can also cause a nuisance around your neighborhood. In general, if your lights are pointed towards the ground -- and the ground is your property -- you won't be in any trouble and you shouldn't be causing any problems. Issues arise if your lights are pointed to neighboring houses or to the road, as this can either keep people awake or even potentially cause accidents. A homeowner's best bet is to turn on their exterior lighting system at night and observe how the light impacts their surrounding areas. Viewing a system during daylight can't always give a reliable idea of how bright the light will be.

Camera and Audio Systems

As a rule of thumb, camera systems can be pointed at any public location as long as they are on your property. This technically means that they could record into your neighbor's windows, if those windows are open and visible from the public. Your neighbors then have the option of improving their own privacy on their property lines -- though, as a courteous neighbor, you may want to advise them regarding the cameras before they are installed. But though video is protected, audio is often not. Recording audio that occurs on another person's property (such as a conversation occurring in their backyard) could potentially not be legal. It's often safer to make sure that cameras only record a visual. 

In conclusion, most surveillance and security systems are entirely legal as long as they are on your property. But that doesn't necessarily mean that your neighbors will feel comfortable with them. When developing a security system, you may want to consult directly with your neighbors to make sure that you're developing a solution that works for all parties involved. At Bravas, we carry a wide variety of surveillance options, from lighting systems to cameras and audio. We can help you determine the best options for your home and y our neighborhood. Contact us today to find out more!

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