If you're the owner of a business, getting a sound masking system installed in your building is one of the best things you can do for your company. It is a special speaker system that produces a natural white noise sound at the frequency level of human speech. It's quiet, unobtrusive, and helps to lower the volume and clarity of voice throughout the office to provide a calmer work environment.

1. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The biggest annoyance of your employees is speech privacy. In a survey of 25,000 workers done by the Center for the Built Environment in Berkeley, California, nearly 60 percent of workers in a cubicle were dissatisfied with their levels of speech privacy. Help your employees feel less stressed out about this by installing a sound masking system. 

2. Increase Productivity and Profit

In one study, workers lost an average of 21.5 minutes per day due to conversational distractions. A similar study found an even higher average of 86 minutes per day. Regardless, noise distractions are the number one cause of reduced productivity. If a business has 100 employees who earn an average of $50,000 a year, that adds up to $200,000 in lost productivity.

3. Protect Confidentiality and Reduce Liability

If you own a healthcare, finance, education, or green business, having a sound masking system is essential for maintaining confidentiality. Your employees are dealing with sensitive information that often can't be shared with passersby. Prevent dangerous eavesdropping by installing a sound masking system.

4. Keep an Open Floor Plan

Many businesses are converting to shared workplaces and open floor plans so that employees can collaborate together. While this is good in theory, it creates a huge level of noise interruptions. A sound masking system can help you upgrade to this open floor plan format without giving your employees a headache. 

5. Combine With a Paging System

One great feature of a sound masking system is that it can double as a loudspeaker or stereo. Music can help to put your employees in a good mood, while a paging system can make it easier to make important announcements. 

If you're ready to take the next step and install a sound masking system in your office, give Bravas a call today. We can provide you with an affordable system customized exactly for your growing business's needs. 

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