When building a conference area, one of the primary concerns will always be removing distracting sounds. Not only can distracting sounds make it difficult to focus in a conference room itself, it can also be incredibly harmful when dealing with out-of-the-office calls, such as video sessions and telecasted presentations. Here are a few of the steps that you can take to make sure that your conference rooms are well-fortified against these distractions.

Check Your Tech

If your conference area seems to be quiet but your a/v equipment keeps picking up excess sound, it may not be the conference room at all -- it could be your technology. Microphones have different levels of sensitivity, and some of them may also pick up interference from the surrounding areas. Experiment with the settings on your recording technology before you assume that it's an issue with the environment itself. And remember, dedicated recording equipment is always substantially better than built-in microphones, such as the microphone in a web camera or laptop.

Get Some Distance

There are certain things in an office that are simply nuisances and sound generators. In particular, photocopiers should always be moved as far away from conference rooms as possible -- the deep sounds that they make can travel. Putting up dividers (such as padded cubicle dividers) between open office plans and the conference room itself can also help cut down on the noise infiltration, while also providing a convenient walk way. Areas where employees frequently talk (such as the infamous water cooler) should also be moved as far away as possible from the conference area.

Renovate Your Room

Finally, it may simply be that your office build-out wasn't done appropriately for a conference room. If you still find that your conference room is experiencing issues, there are a few things you might want to do: improve the insulation within walls, install double-paned glass in windows and doors, and install thick carpeting in the conference room floor. All of these fairly minor renovations will vastly reduce sound from outside while dampening any echoes inside.

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