Many modern homes are now being built with secondary dens or living spaces -- perfect for a family with children. But today's children are tech and internet-savvy, and are far more likely to spend their time on their tablets than with their action figures. Educational and engaging tech features can be the perfect way to entertain children while getting them to interact and play with each other. 

Built-In Flat Screens and Game Consoles

Flat screens can be integrated with a home network so that they can be controlled directly by a parent -- sometimes even from a smartphone or mobile device. This controls what younger children are watching and makes it easier for older children to control their viewing experience. Consoles can additionally be built into the cabinetry, in order to create an easy to clean, easy to manage area.  

Auto-Responsive Smart Toys

Auto-responsive smart toys operate just like Alexa, Siri, or Cortana -- they automatically respond to a child's verbal requests. Children can ask everything from "tell me a story" to "find me a game to play." The smart toy will then respond with age appropriate information. Auto-responsive smart toys are a great way to give children access to information through a guided application, while engaging their logic and processing skills.

Security Monitoring and Cameras

One of the best safety features for a children's playroom is the ability to check into a live video feed. Parents can use this to make sure kids are behaving, as well as to ensure that babysitters are paying attention. Some cameras can also be used for two-way communication, to communicate directly with the kids.

Responsive Lighting Systems

Responsive and smart lighting systems are becoming incredibly popular for entertainment rooms and theater rooms. These systems can be designed to respond automatically to what is played on the television, thereby creating ambiance and ensuring that children always have the appropriate level of light for their eyes.

Children today are highly technologically inclined. By creating a tech-enhanced children's playroom, parents will be able to foster their independence and their creativity -- while also giving them valuable life skills for the future. At Bravas, we can help you find the best technology for your home -- including home automation and smart home technologies. Contact us today to find out more!

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