How many of us enjoy vacuuming their home?  Well, whether you do or not, it is still a relatively laborious process, toting around a vacuum cleaner wherever you need to clean. While there are many machines that are light, portable and easy to carry around, our daily lives are filled with many responsibilities, and although generally regarded as necessary, vacuuming is less than thrilling, comparatively speaking. This is when the amenities of a central vacuum system enter into the equation. 


The objective of smart home automation is improved occupant comfort, efficient operation of building systems, and reduction in energy consumption and costs.  Central vacuum systems are one of the networked building blocks that are used in such enterprise. How can you vacuum anywhere in your home without a conventional vacuum cleaner?  Composed of tubing and fittings that run through the walls of your home down to a centrally located vacuum apparatus, with strategically placed inlets distributed throughout the home all you need to do is to plu in the hose/cleaning head and your work is already ‘in the bag’, so to speak.  These systems also have the option of deploying ‘sweep inlets’, which are floor level openings into which you can sweep dirt with a broom and watch it vanish.  Cats will be astonished as they observe the fur they so graciously shared with their humans evanesce into these enchanted portals


We have determined that convenience and ease of operation are inherent in central vacuum design and technology.  But there are additional benefits that are not as conspicuous:


  • •  All dirt is transported to a central repository, thus keeping you and your family members away from the accumulated dirt.  If you have allergy problems, central vacuums are more than just convenience.

  • •  Central vacuum systems are much quieter than regular vacuums because the main unit is located in your basement, garage or other remote area.

  • •  They are much more powerful than even the most expensive standard vacuums.

  • •  In cyclonic systems, we typically port the exhaust outside the house so fine particulates are vented to the outdoorsTraditional vacuum cleaners blow these fine particles back into the air. 

  • •  You can also increase your home’s resale value with the addition of this cleaning convenience. 


At Bravas, we offer a number of reputable brands that increase your quality of life, with Beam Central Vacuum System being one of them.  If you feel that your home will benefit from all of the above, then give us a call or request a quote and our experts will provide you with everything you need to make a sound decision on a suitable system for your home.

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