With the right company, your new residence can quickly become the comfortable, safe home you want it to be. Let Bravas help you settle in with customized services and professional installations. Ask for service installation before you move in and you gain the added benefit of convenience when the services you need are within easy reach.

Home Security

Safeguard your belongings during and after your move. According to the latest report by the Bureau of Justice, there were over 3 million burglaries in the US in 2011. Between 2001 and 2011, the theft of appliances and electronics increased from 28% to 34% and by 2011, more than 40% of these burglarized households lost $1000 or more in personal belongings.

With a hardwired security system installed professionally, your valuables and your family are more protected. Bravas can help safeguard that which is most important to you:

·         Hardwired systems for added security

·         Security cameras that put you in control

·         Keypad entry alarms

Bravas provides home security options that are customized to meet your specific needs.

Home Automation

No one likes waking up at 2 am wondering if they locked the door or turned the AC down in their new place. Home automation provides an easy, economical solution for unmonitored systems, resulting in lower utilities and safer homes. With JJ Orion, families can rely on the professional installation to provide excellent services for controlling:

·         Heating and cooling systems

·         Access to entry doors and gates

·         Sprinkler systems

·         Activation or deactivation of home security systems

·         Remote viewing of security cameras

·         Whole home audio/video systems

Home automation can be controlled and monitored through a smartphone, allowing complete access and control from many locations during your move.

Home Theater

Movie night is always better with a cozy home theater, especially after a hard day of carrying boxes or unpacking. Treat your family to one of the multiple home theater systems Bravas has to choose from for one room or the entire house. These systems are expertly designed and installed, leaving the entire family satisfied with a quality experience.

Outdoor Audio

Relax when the work is done. Summertime activities, special occasions, and summer nights under the stars are all great opportunities to have outdoor music readily available. Bravas believes in quality and provides it with the Sonance Landscape Series for satellite speakers and underground subwoofers. This series delivers high quality sound for any occasion. The equipment is discreet and the installation is professional, allowing for safe, effortless enjoyment.

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