For many, “going green” or adopting a sustainable living lifestyle has included installing solar panels, building hydroponic gardens, and utilizing rainwater. It has also required being more conscious of energy consumption in using appliances and tools around the home. In all of these practices, the single unifying factor is control. Families must control the use of natural resources to stay green.

Technology That Controls

The family home has to be functional and environmentally friendly, leading to the utilization of technology to aid in sustainable living for busy families. Increasingly, architects and designers are suggesting the utilization of home automation services to better control energy and water consumption in and around the home. Home automation can create a unique access point between the consumer and his or her green investment.

Newer appliances, such as stoves and refrigerators, now have monitoring systems that can send notifications to the owners via a home automation service. These notifications let owners know when the refrigerator door has been left open or when the preheat setting on the stove has been turned on, among others. Owners can remotely control certain settings to reduce energy consumption regardless of their current locations. This extends to setting certain refrigerators to a “vacation” setting if the family plans to be away from home for any length of time.

Home Automation Provides Green Benefits

With professional planning and installation, home automation can provide homeowners with management tools for numerous home systems simultaneously, in the home or away from it.

With home automation, consumers have control over:

·         Lights

·         Air conditioning and heating systems

·         Sprinkler systems

·         Security systems

·         Smart appliances

This service can be accessed and used through a smartphone. The benefits include a smaller energy bill, heightened awareness of how home systems generally operate, and a safer home environment.

Meet the Home Automation Professionals

The initial investment of a home automation system is balanced by the energy, water and other resources it saves over the course of time. When professional designers and installers such as the Bravas company installs the system, additional costs are avoided.

Bravas is a full-service provider for family necessities such as home security, home theaters, and outdoor audio, among others. With these vital home systems on a home automation service, energy is used wisely and safely leading to easier management of natural resources. Sustainable living is created and maintained through single home system.

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