What is Sound Masking?

Sound masking is the introduction of noise, most commonly in work environments, for the purpose of creating a muffled effect for the voices in the room. This allows privacy for work groups while cutting down on audible distractions that interrupt work flow. Sound masking is a proven method for ensuring privacy while reducing distractive noise. 

Sound masking can be used in conjunction with sound absorption and sound blocking practices such as padded ceiling tiles and cubicle dividers. Used alone or in conjunction with other methods, sound masking adds security and privacy to any office space. 

How is Sound Masking Accomplished? 

Technology is used to create a uniform signal that is played in the work environment. This signal sounds much like the air flow created by central heating and cooling systems. When the signal is in use, even open floor plans benefit from the added privacy that sound masking provides. Some offices require more than one signal but professional installers are able to install complete systems for secure environments. 

Sound Masking in Security

When securing private data or sensitive information, many offices will pay for secure servers and security systems for the office, especially if the business is a smaller operation. Sound masking, although effective, has traditionally been utilized in larger office spaces but as the need for security increases, it is being utilized in smaller environments. If sound masking is used in conjunction with security systems and servers, any verbal communications that would reveal sensitive information are muffled and intelligible. 

Times When Sound Masking is Needed

Sound masking is needed any time there is a need for private or secure conversation. This is true for start-ups that are afraid of secrets being leaked to the competition and for established businesses that need to protect the best interests of their clients. Sound masking prevents eavesdropping, increases productivity, and protects the company's best interests by keeping information safe. 

Professional Security With Sound Masking

When contemplating the best security measures for an office and the data it protects, many larger companies have utilized sound masking. However, sound masking is no longer just for Fortune 500 companies. Bravas has worked with numerous companies of varying sizes to provide the type of discreet office environment that customers want in place for data protection. Without such means in place, sensitive data can be leaked and company secrets can be spread. 

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