Home Security Cameras Deter Thieves

Home security cameras are a proven deterrent to crime. They also provide proof of a crime, proof that a specific person or people committed a crime, and/or proof that self-defense was a necessity if homeowners are attacked in their homes. 

According to a 2012 study performed by UNC Charlotte, convicted burglars reported certain factors used in considering a home for home invasion: 

  • Proximity to neighbors
  • Police presence
  • Alarms and outdoor cameras

Most of the criminals interviewed were repeat offenders, nearly 40% of which said they would choose another target if there were surveillance cameras around the residence.  

Home Monitoring Catches Intruders

Home security cameras have helped homeowners catch thieves when they gain entrance to the home. Levent Centiner's apartment and Jeanne Thomas' home were both being monitored by cameras while they were at work. Both people were able to detect the presence of a thief thanks to hidden cameras and both were able to call the police who made arrests in both cases. 

Home Security Aids Neighbors

In March 2015, two women attempted to break in to a home in Kinnelon, New Jersey. They were chased by a neighbor who was outside at the time that they were breaking a window to gain entrance. Later, police received home security footage from another neighbor, whose cameras had recorded the entire incident. Police made three arrests based on the neighbor's security footage and the eye witness testimony. The first arrest was made because the footage provided an accurate physical description of the two intruders. 

Home Security Cameras Prove Self-Defense

Home security footage has recorded residents in the act of protecting their lives or the lives of loved ones during a home invasion. When the incident is over, these same residents have to explain their actions to the police. Home security footage can be used to exonerate the residents of any criminal charges and to avoid civil liability should the intruder sue for personal damages later. 

Peace of Mind and Legal Protection

Bravas is a provider of hardwired security systems for home or the office. Wired systems provide better security as wireless systems depend on internet availability and service. Hardwired systems are on duty 24/7, even if the internet is out or the wires have been cut.

Bravas installs professional systems that deter crime, provide personal security, and provide the police, the insurance companies, and the courts with proof. Contact Bravas today. 

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