The first step towards building out the perfect home theater is usually ensuring that it's properly soundproofed. Without proper soundproofing, a home theater will disrupt everyone within your home -- and the outside noises can be disruptive to your entertainment as well. Here are a few important do's and don'ts to follow throughout the process.

Do: Consider All Aspects of the Room

Sound is impacted by everything within a room: the chairs, the floor, the ceilings, and the walls. If you truly want your home theater to be sound proofed, you'll need to consider the acoustic impact of everything inside. In general, floors should be padded and carpeted, walls and ceilings should be covered in acoustic foam, and soft materials should be used for chairs and other furnishings.  Doors and windows may also need additional insulation and soundproofing, especially hollow core doors. 

Don't: Try to Skimp on the Soundproofing Materials

There are many myths out there regarding "cheap" soundproofing materials that can be recycled from other items. Homeowners are told to use egg cartons and old carpets, for instance, in order to soundproof a room. Not only are these ineffective, but they can actually be hazardous -- egg cartons are a significant fire hazard when attached to walls. It's better to spend the money on real soundproofing materials, which will last a long time and work effectively.

Do: Get a Professional Installation

If you aren't confident with your own DIY skills, it's usually better to have your home theater soundproofed by a professional. Not only are there the aforementioned fire hazards, but a professional will be able to quickly recognize issues that could be detrimental to your sound quality. Acoustics are very precise: something as simple as having an improperly secured acoustic foam could actually increase some sounds rather than decrease them. When it comes to professional installation, you can pay slightly more to get the project done correctly the first time.

Don't: Bother With an Acoustic Specialist 

A home systems company is more than adequate to provide the best soundproofing for residential homes. Acoustic experts and specialists are really intended for those who need to design high performance commercial spaces. They will cost quite a lot and there will be diminishing returns; the difference between an acoustic professional and a home systems company will be negligible at best to a homeowner. Further, acoustic experts will generally offer suggestions that are prohibitively expensive for those simply building a home theater.

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