Looking for a way to spice up movie night? Try creating an outdoor theater in your backyard. With a little creativity and a little help from Bravas, you can help the whole family enjoy a night under the stars while watching your favorite movies. 

Find a Good Spot

It's important to find the right space for your theater. You will need to consider several aspects, such as how many seats you will need, how big you want your screen to be, or where lighting shines in surrounding areas. Areas like porches or decks are often best, as they can block reflective light, offer space to hang a screen, and have enough space to add chairs without feeling too squished. 

Install Outdoor Audio

In order for your theater to really pop, it helps to have a professional audio system. Our preference is our Sonance Landscape Series, which offers uniform coverage and impeccable sound quality. Even better, the small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers are easily hidden out of sight, preventing ugly eyesores. 

Install a Projector and Screen

Choosing the projector and screen might be the most important aspect of your new outdoor theater. Your choice will depend primarily on how much you want to spend. While flat screen outdoor televisions are cheaper than projectors, they offer less quality and a smaller picture. For the best option, choose an outdoor projector from Bravas and have us install it for added convenience. 

Pick the Right Seating

Everyone needs to be comfortable while they're outside, or it defeats the purpose of your theater. Be sure to choose a set of furniture that will accommodate everyone's needs. Include chairs, sofas, or even bean bags to allow people to get in a relaxed position. Try to make sure that the screen is about eye level with your seats to eliminate the threat of neck strain. 

Add Proper Lighting

While you don't want huge lamps creating a distracting glare on your screen, you will need some kind of illumination to prevent people from tripping or falling in the dark. Stick with soft, low-intensity LED lighting or battery-operated candles. You might even want to try lighting some Tiki torches or installing solar-powered light strips on the ground. 

By following these tips, you can create an outdoor theater that the whole family will love. For more help perfecting your backyard paradise, give Bravas a call today.

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