Home lighting control is one of the easiest aspects of a home to add smart features to. Many homes are now able to be switched over without any unique or complicated wiring -- instead, everything is programmed into the base of the bulbs and controlled with a smartphone or other device. Here are some of the most popular features.

"Night Light" Settings for Better Sleep Schedules

It isn't just brightness that can disrupt an individual's sleep schedule; it's also the tone of light. Night light settings use special red-toned lights which are designed to reduce stress and make it easier to sleep. By programming a home lighting system to switch to "night light" settings a few hours before bed, homeowners can more readily condition themselves for deep sleep at a reasonable time.

Motion Activated Home Lighting

Motion activated home lighting systems are able to detect when people go in and out of the room -- and that's great for those who have light switches and controls in difficult to reach areas. Motion activated sensors can also be delicately balanced so that they won't go off in the presence of animals, for pet owners who want peace and quiet.

Home Entertainment Center Integration

By integrating home lighting with home entertainment centers, it's possible to ensure that the mood always captures what's on the television. In fact, mood lighting can even be programmed to fluctuate in both color and intensity based on sound, making it great for music, parties, and relaxing nights in.

Lighting and Sound

In general, one of the most exciting things about home lighting control is that new smart bulbs can control not only their brightness but also their color. The new LED lights can fluctuate from bright blue to bright red and every other color within the spectrum, and they can be controlled directly through a smartphone. This creates an ever changing and easily customized ambiance. And though each individual bulb can be expensive, they're usually backed by a warranty that lasts years.

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