What is a Central Vacuum?

Also known as a whole-house vacuum system, a central vacuum is built into the house. The source of power for the system comes from an engine that is usually located in the basement or garage. Instead of pushing the vacuum unit around, operators simply use an outlet in the wall that provides suction and removes dirt and debris to store it in the collection canister. 

The Central Vacuum's Surprising Origins

The first central vacuum was used in the 1850s in Sweden, powered by horse-turned fans that created suction which was funneled through the walls, much like it is today. The suction pulled dirt and debris out of the house. Later, it fell to the servants to pull the horses to create power for bellows or to create suction using stationary bikes. These devices were in use until the early part of the 20th century, when companies started mass producing push vacuums. 

Advent of Mass Back Pain

Vacuum companies pioneered the push canister vacuum, providing women with the convenience of portability and a simple electric plug-in. However, some accounts dating back to that time period revealed that women found them heavy and awkward. 

Benefits of Owning a Central Vacuum

A built-in vacuum system has several benefits that make them a better choice than traditional mobile units: 

  • Extended warranties
  • Raise resell values
  • Better for indoor environments than mobile units because air does not recirculate.
  • The system is quieter than mobile vacuums.
  • Central vacuums have no cords or heavy equipment to trip over or carry. 

Central Vacuum's Disadvantages

While the central vacuum can provide years of service, there are some disadvantages to owning one of these units: 

  • The cost of a central unit can be over $1500.
  • Some units have weak suction.
  • Children have sucked pet birds, toilet water, and glass into the system, requiring expensive repairs. 

Parents have placed protective coverings over the outlets to keep children from playing with them so the damage to pets and the central system can be minimized. 

Central Vacuum Installation

Overall, central vacuums are a great investment for a home and many families install them for greater air quality and convenience in their homes. Central vacuums can be installed in older homes by professionals with years of experience. This provides the air quality and convenience without doing any damage to pre-existing structures. 

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