Audio and video distribution in commercial environments is a complex process involving a mosaic of equipment tied together with advanced system controllers, yet one that must be easy to operate by the end-user. Commercial audio systems are often classified as single-source single-zone, single-source multiple-zone or multiple-source multiple-zone, all utilizing in ceiling, in-wall, on-wall or exterior speakers. Video distribution may involve the same type of sourcing parameters, and will typically include flat panel displays or projection systems that may operate independent of or in concert with the audio network. Integration of communications and paging through the speaker system provides great utility value in facilities like conference rooms, waiting areas, club houses, educational institutions, retail showrooms, bars and restaurants.

The primary intent of most commercial audio and video distribution is to connect specific content with the user or client in some way. Whether providing ambient background music in a quaint dining establishment or illuminating an upscale technology firm’s conference center with command and control to rival the bridge of the Starship Enterprise – the solution must meet the need and the equipment must meet the standard of quality that Bravas exemplifies in all that we do. Our adventuring does not stop with audio, video and digital signage. Unlimited web conferencing and communications options, the import and display of documents and data from the web or an internal network, and one button lighting and window treatment controls are several of the many functions we can tie in to the distribution matrix at the core of your project.

We make an otherwise elaborate process quite simple – just tell us ‘what’ you need to have the system do, and we determine ‘how’ that needs to happen along with which equipment is required to bring said project to fruition. No job is too large or too small – no task is too ambitious or too austere. At Bravas, we offer a number of industry leading brands including DBX., JBL., Tannoy, Elan, QSC, Sony, Denon, Canton, Sharp, Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung, Xantech, Niles Audio, Russound and many others. More importantly, we bring to bear years of cumulative expertise and the aggregate knowledge of our staff in deployment of even the most elaborate commercial distribution infrastructure - one that is scalable, reliable, and flexible to your needs. Finally, we train your staff to not only operate the systems, but to truly understand what makes ‘the watch tick’, thus making our clients the ultimate experts at their game!

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