Multi-Room audio, also commonly referred to as Whole-House audio, is a centralized distribution system that allows you to listen to music anywhere in the house without the need to have multiple audio systems in various areas of the home.

A whole house audio system often has a number of ceiling or wall speakers throughout the house, and depending on the type of system, may include wall controls located in various rooms or ‘zones’ of the residence. The most basic of these is a light-switch/dimmer style device, which gives users basic volume control over the music playing through the speakers in a given room. Other control options include keypad controllers and touch panel / LCD controllers. These options offer more control, with the keypads allowing users to change the source of the music as well as volume levels and the touch panels providing the ability to choose exactly what they want to play. Lastly, some multi-room audio systems can be controlled entirely from your tablet or smartphone, and eliminate the need for any additional electronic ornamentation on your walls. Speakers can blend into your living space quite discreetly, with options of being installed in ceilings or walls. Or they can make a statement, such as a set of gorgeous grand piano lacquered towers in your ‘listening’ room. You even have the option to integrate outdoor living spaces into your whole house audio distribution.

So, it seems straightforward at first - simply get a controller that does what you want, and install speakers where you want sound, right? Not really… There are many considerations that must be thoroughly evaluated if a system like this is truly going to function as desired, and perform to your expectations. What type of controls does it need to have in order to provide ease of operation to ALL who will potentially use it? Is grandma as articulate on an iPad as her IT-Engineer son-in-law? Should the guest bedroom have a standard volume knob on the wall in addition to the central command system for those app-challenged visitors? What if you want to have six speakers on your multi-level deck instead of just two - would this ‘zone’ require greater amplification than the others? When the Big Game is playing on your Home Theater screen, can the audio entertain guests in other rooms that may have gotten lost on their way back from the refrigerator? The list goes on, but have no fear, Bravas is here!

We are expert in mapping out the complete whole-house audio system of your dreams, finding the equipment that is best suited for such a system, installing it with the greatest attention to detail, setting it up for optimal operation, and ensuring that you are well versed in its operation and capabilities. This is the real deal – the complete package – not just a ‘wish list’ based on browsing through oceans of equipment on the Internet.

Bravas offers a number of whole house audio systems, with components from Speakercraft, Sonance, Denon, Niles and Elan, just to name a few. We work with you to choose and deploy the best system for your home – one that is flawless in function and superlative in sound!

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