A network, when discussing affairs electronic, is a system containing a combination of devices that are interconnected by telecommunication equipment or cables, used to transmit or receive data, command and control functions, or both. It typically creates the framework for systems that are greater than the sum of their parts, such as home automation, lighting control and distribution of audio, video or data. Home network systems provide operational convenience and powerful capabilities to the end user, but are dependent on a solid, robust, high quality foundation for best performance.

While the most basic application for home networking is providing stable internet access in your home, this is just one of many duties it can perform. Beneath the umbrella known as ‘home networking’ you will find automated lighting control, audio / video distribution, data sharing, wired and wireless internet access, security, surveillance, and environmental control. Whether you intend to deploy one or two of these systems or plan to connect them all to one central control unit, the structured home network is the necessary catalyst for seamless operation.

Among the merits of having network systems integrated into your home is that everyday life can become more convenient, safer and more secure. Home automation is an efficient means of providing more time to engage in family activities that would otherwise be spent on mundane, manually performed tasks. Home security systems can be accessed from your mobile device via the network, even when you are on vacation in New Zealand. Music and movies can be cued up by anyone in your home, from any location they wish. Lighting control can be programmed to respond to occupancy or movement, so that your reading room can automatically adjust to the right ambiance as you settle in for a good book. These are just a few of the conveniences you get with home network systems.

At Bravas, we are accomplished in all of the various sub-systems mentioned above, therefore we must also be masters of the network that supports and connects them. A strong home network provides the infrastructure for your internet connectivity and also for the communication that your home automation systems require. We are well versed in cutting edge industry platforms and can future-proof your home for all that is yet to come in computer and consumer electronics. This facilitates building networks that will be viable for many, many years. Give us a call or request a quote for JJ Orion to provide you with the options you need to fit your lifestyle and technology needs!

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