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Light Up Your Life with Lutron!

There are some companies that develop and manufacture a variety of technologies, addressing a broad cross-section of a given market. Many of these industry icons do quite well at maintaining quality throughout their product offerings, while others must inevitably cut corners somewhere to meet consumer expectations in both volume and selection. In order to be truly exceptional, one can argue that a narrow but precise focus is required – one in which all energies and resources are brought to bear in perfecting a specific process or product. Lutron is not a “jack of all trades,” but it is certainly the master of one.

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Epson – The Best Value in Projection Cinema!

In May of 1942, Daiwa Kogyo Ltd. was established in Nagano, Japan. Beginning with technologies involved in the design and manufacturing of watches, their expertise matured along side the development of new products such as the EP-101 – the world's first compact, lightweight digital printer, which was released in 1968. This groundbreaking new product revolutionized the consumer electronics market and continued to evolve into many of the printing technologies that are in use today. Every digital image and document you print in part owes some thanks to the innovations born in these early years of progress.

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