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From the monthly archives: March 2015

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Sound Masking – Hear, or Hear Not…

Sound masking technology enhances both privacy and productivity. Our systems are among the most efficient and easiest to use – once they are configured they require minimal to no further user interactions.

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Home Networking – Power And Convenience At Your Fingertips

A network, when discussing affairs electronic, is a system containing a combination of devices that are interconnected by telecommunication equipment or cables, used to transmit or receive data, command and control functions, or both. It typically creates the framework for systems that are greater than the sum of their parts, such as home automation, lighting control and distribution of audio, video or data. Home network systems provide operational convenience and powerful capabilities to the end user, but are dependent on a solid, robust, high quality foundation for best performance.

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Multi-Room Audio Done The Right Way…

Multi-Room audio, also commonly referred to as Whole-House audio, is a centralized distribution system that allows you to listen to music anywhere in the house without the need to have multiple audio systems in various areas of the home.

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