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Sunfire – In The Business of Delivering Power

Bob Carver’s interest in audio equipment began at an early age, when his father first showed him what his voice “looked like” on an oscilloscope.  In high school, he built an amplifier using instructions from a magazine article, and although it was not groundbreaking as such, he was hooked and continued his amplification endeavors. Later in life, with a formal education as a physicist and engineer, he applied his talents to the development of many innovative stereo technologies – particularly looking for unconventional approaches to amplifier design.

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Niles – Entertainment Integration Made Simple!

The days of home audio systems comprised of a stereo receiver, tape deck, and two speakers seem remarkably antiquated. We live in the age of iPods, iPads, hard drives and networks, with digital data streaming through controllers, keypads and apps – these are now the stars of the show. Current consumer electronics entertainment installations call for systems integrators, which function as designers, engineers and installers - bringing together a wide array of electronic components to create a unified, functioning system that meets the requirements of the client.

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