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Conference Room Technology

Today’s business and corporate conference needs have migrated squarely into the technology sector; the days of dry-erase boards and portable tape recorders are long gone. Various elements must work together seamlessly for a conference venue to support the presentation and exchange of information, including but not limited to communications, lighting, audio/video equipment and computers.

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BEAM – The Best Way To Vacuum!

A central vacuum system is engineered to clean your entire home– efficiently and effectively, without having to haul a portable vacuum cleaner or extension cords around the house.  The average vacuum cleaner can weigh two to three times what a BEAM hose and power head does – which is the only component of the system that you need to handle. Try vacuuming your stairs with a 25 pound Kirby and you will understand the advantage! Also, by removing dirt, dust and allergy causing particles it also cleans the air your family breathes. BEAM power units provide HEPA filtration, capturing fine allergen size dust particles to leave the air fresh and your house clean. Plug the hose into a wall outlet and let the central vacuum do the heavy lifting.

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