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From the monthly archives: March 2016

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How Extensive should my Home Network be?

Home Networking refers to the wired, wireless or combined infrastructure that provides Internet connectivity throughout the home and supports other systems which rely on being able to share data, command and control – namely home automation. The most basic of these is typically a wired/wireless router. A modem connects your Internet service provider to this router, which in turn connects to one or more computers in the home – some via wired Ethernet cable and others using Wi-Fi. Smartphones, laptops and tablets often rely on a stable wireless connection, allowing the user to stay connected anywhere in the home. Local machines or those that can connect to the router by cable are also “on the network” and can share information with other machines on the network.

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The Advantages of Using LED Lighting for Outdoor Commercial Applications

Illuminating your commercial property at night can be both complex and expensive. Businesses generally always have their assets lit up during non-daylight hours. Some stay on throughout the night, while others are turned off at the close of business. Outdoor illumination can be quite expensive, both in terms of the hardware and the utility bills. Increasingly, halogen, incandescent, florescent and neon lighting are making way for LEDs, which bring with them tremendous advantages over all other types of lighting.

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