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From the monthly archives: April 2016

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The Advantages of Lighting Control

Most home automation systems provide the option for enabling or adding lighting control, which happens to be among the most popular features of such systems. Automating your lighting brings many benefits to your home and your lifestyle, enhancing convenience, adding comfort and reducing your energy expenses.  

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What’s the Best Location for my Subwoofer?

Optimal subwoofer placement is often driven by competing variables including décor, aesthetic considerations, available floor space, and sound quality. Depending on the layout and contents of a room, there may only be one spot available to place a subwoofer, or there may be a number of potential locations. Subwoofers generate complex patterns of direct and reflecting sound waves, so the bass response will vary around the listening area relative to the subwoofer’s orientation. Unlike dedicated listening rooms and home theaters, your flexibility may be restricted in the average family room filled with furniture.

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