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The Benefits of Video Distribution

Video distribution allows a source, such as a cable box, satellite receiver or DVD player to be shared between several displays, and also typically allows for selection of specific sources on specific televisions. Among the most notable benefits of such a configuration is minimizing the quantity of source components. Let’s say you have four TVs in your home, and want to be able to watch Blu-ray movies on all of them – you would need four Blu-ray players. And if you happened to want to watch the same movie in several locations at the same time – well; now you need multiple copies of the movie. Not a very efficient setup...

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Wired vs. Wireless Home Security Systems

If you have decided to invest in a home security system, it is probably the one investment that has the biggest impact on your family’s safety as well as the safety of your property and belongings. There are many systems on the market, but the first determination has to be whether the system will be wired or wireless. Understanding the benefits of each is critical in making the right choice for your needs.

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