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From the monthly archives: March 2017

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Smart Features for Home Lighting Control

Home lighting control is one of the easiest aspects of a home to add smart features to. Many homes are now able to be switched over without any unique or complicated wiring -- instead, everything is programmed into the base of the bulbs and controlled with a smartphone or other device. Here are some of the most popular features.

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Home Automation: A Look At The Best Products

Whether it be cooking utensils, appliances, hot water heaters, window blinds, windows, cameras, door bells, doors, lights, speakers, or clocks, it's likely there's a home automation setup that allows you to control the device without having to leave your couch. Since there's a wide range of home automation products available on the market, we're going to make matters easier by showing you the best home automation products on the market with a brief explanation as to why they're so special.

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