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From the monthly archives: September 2017

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How Does a Central Vacuum Work and What are the Benefits

Everybody knows how taxing a standard vacuum cleaner can be. You have to pull the weighty machine out the closet, unroll the chord, find the electrical outlet, and then turn it on...and then hope that nothing gets sucked up. Manufacturers tried to compensate by creating the mobile vacuum packs which are strapped around the shoulders and carried around the house. The only problem was that homeowners quickly discovered how burdensome they were on the back and shoulders. Strike two.

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How Automating Your Home Can Improve Your Life

Think of where you would be without being able to push a couple of buttons and set the timer on your coffee machine that percolates your favorite cup of Joe like clockwork every single morning - probably still in bed. And, as dependent as you are on that simple device to get you going, just think about how convenient your life will be when every device in your home is fully automated. Make no mistake, those days are coming; and, in many ways, they’re already here.

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