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Should You Place Security Cameras in Your Airbnb?

Airbnb is still a relatively new concept. Although many people have heard about it, they know little about what Airbnb is and how it benefits travelers. Below we take a quick look at Airbnb and whether or not you should secure your home or facility with security cameras. If you have an Airbnb in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area and need to install cameras around the property, then contact Bravas today. We offer complete home and office security camera installation.

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How to Assess Shade and Color Quality for Lighting Control

Proper lighting is both a safety issue and an environmental issue whether you need an automated lighting system for your home or your business. In the home, lighting can stimulate a mood or contribute to the overall look and feel of the room design. At work, lighting is essential for productivity and increased visibility to avoid injuries. The key to good lighting is balance. There should be enough lighting so that everyone can see what they are doing. Too much lighting, however, can cause glare, overstimulation, and light flickering.

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