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Home Automation: A Look At The Best Products

Whether it be cooking utensils, appliances, hot water heaters, window blinds, windows, cameras, door bells, doors, lights, speakers, or clocks, it's likely there's a home automation setup that allows you to control the device without having to leave your couch. Since there's a wide range of home automation products available on the market, we're going to make matters easier by showing you the best home automation products on the market with a brief explanation as to why they're so special.

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How to Create a Stunning Outdoor Theater

Looking for a way to spice up movie night? Try creating an outdoor theater in your backyard. With a little creativity and a little help from J.J. Orion, you can help the whole family enjoy a night under the stars while watching your favorite movies. 

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The Do's and Don'ts of Soundproofing a Home Theater

The first step towards building out the perfect home theater is usually ensuring that it's properly soundproofed. Without proper soundproofing, a home theater will disrupt everyone within your home -- and the outside noises can be disruptive to your entertainment as well. Here are a few important do's and don'ts to follow throughout the process.

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Trusted, Proven Security

Home Security Cameras Deter Thieves

Home security cameras are a proven deterrent to crime. They also provide proof of a crime, proof that a specific person or people committed a crime, and/or proof that self-defense was a necessity if homeowners are attacked in their homes. 

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Sound Masking Provides Privacy for Office Environments

What is Sound Masking?

Sound masking is the introduction of noise, most commonly in work environments, for the purpose of creating a muffled effect for the voices in the room. This allows privacy for work groups while cutting down on audible distractions that interrupt work flow. Sound masking is a proven method for ensuring privacy while reducing distractive noise. 

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Sustainable Living Through Smart Home Technology

For many, “going green” or adopting a sustainable living lifestyle has included installing solar panels, building hydroponic gardens, and utilizing rainwater. It has also required being more conscious of energy consumption in using appliances and tools around the home. In all of these practices, the single unifying factor is control. Families must control the use of natural resources to stay green.

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Why You Should Move With JJ Orion

With the right company, your new residence can quickly become the comfortable, safe home you want it to be. Let JJ Orion help you settle in with customized services and professional installations. Ask for service installation before you move in and you gain the added benefit of convenience when the services you need are within easy reach.

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Protecting Your Home: A Look At The Best Security Cameras

Protecting your home is incredibly important and it only makes sense to buy the best security camera system available. Since weeding out the best security cameras can be very time consuming and costly, we're going to show you some of the best security cameras on the commercial market.

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Great Tech Features for a Children's Playroom

Many modern homes are now being built with secondary dens or living spaces -- perfect for a family with children. But today's children are tech and internet-savvy, and are far more likely to spend their time on their tablets than with their action figures. Educational and engaging tech features can be the perfect way to entertain children while getting them to interact and play with each other. 

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Removing Distracting Sounds From Your Conference Areas

When building a conference area, one of the primary concerns will always be removing distracting sounds. Not only can distracting sounds make it difficult to focus in a conference room itself, it can also be incredibly harmful when dealing with out-of-the-office calls, such as video sessions and telecasted presentations. Here are a few of the steps that you can take to make sure that your conference rooms are well-fortified against these distractions.

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