Panamax is the country's leading designer and manufacturer of electrical protection hardware, filtration and control products. This company is renowned for its innovative Lifetime Warranty on almost every unit produced and for its Connected Equipment Protection Policy.

Furman has been producing high-end electronics since 1974 in the areas of professional audio/video signal processors, electrical conditioning products and electrical solutions.

Panamax and Furman were both established approximately thirty years ago, and both focused on electrical power management but with different objectives. Furman began by designing power solutions for the professional music industry. Panamax started making surge protection products for industrial and commercial applications. Panamax acquired Furman Sound in 2006, which now operates as a secondary brand within Panamax. Both companies moved into the arena of consumer home theater within the past ten years, each with their own priorities and technologies.

Furman has some exclusive technologies such as Power Factor Correction and Zero Ground Contamination that are focused on providing top shelf audio/video performance. Panamax specializes in custom installation products including, but not limited to, in-wall and remote surge protection, RS232 and IP control. Panamax is sold more often in retail stores and Furman is primarily found at specialty audio shops.