Paradigm Logo
Since 1982, Paradigm loudspeakers have been designed, engineered, and manufactured in the company’s headquarters just outside Toronto, Canada. That is when co-founders Jerry VanderMarel, a veteran of consumer electronics sales, and Scott Bagby, a loudspeaker designer, decided to build high performance loudspeakers based on research and data, not mere speculation. Their goal also included making their products available at price points that would be welcomed by all.

Together, they went back to the drawing board and developed profound new speaker technologies. To find this harmony between audio and the apparatus used to reproduce it, they tapped university audio researchers and detailed scientific findings from the audio studies conducted by the National Research Council of Canada.

The objective was to achieve a level of performance that would eliminate the speaker itself from the equation. Pure, lifelike audio that was not restricted by coloration, and unrestrained in its ability to convert amplifier power into sound. Paradigm has been providing all of the above for decades, and we are fortunate to offer this prestigious band of high fidelity to our clients!